Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A New Beginning

This is the last post that will appear on my office server at Stanford. It will be disconnected soon, after many years of faithful service.

This is also the first new post at this blog's new home at Blogger. It's good to have everything automated: timestamps, formatting, archives, permalinks, labels, etc. but part of me misses writing my own scripts to do all this, and the total control I had over everything.

Converting my old blog entries was much easier than I had anticipated, though it was not entirely smooth. For example, I have to keep source code on a separate server because this site only lets you put up HTML and images. Also, I never kept the time the old entries were posted, only the date, so I had to fabricate them.

In retrospect, I realize I've taken a rather roundabout route to blogging. I would never have gone out of my way to sign up on some website to start writing articles, out of the blue. Instead, a peripheral page on my website intended to help me keep track of changes gradually mutated into this.

I plan to relocating other parts of my site. The PBC Library already lives on a more permanent server. I recently moved xmmspipe to Google Code. This service seems quite nice but I dislike the fact that they only support Subversion: I am now an ardent git fan.

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