Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tune out

I had grand plans for my Android game. Apart from actually completing it, I was going to fix bugs, and add sound and music.

But my enthusiasm evaporated as fast as it had arrived, and now that I have forgotten the password to my key, it looks even less likely I’ll release new versions.

I did get around to composing a tune for use somewhere in the game. Seeing as it almost certainly never find its way to the game, I may as well dump it here:

I lacked the patience to learn how LilyPond deals with "da capo al fine". Luckily it’s clear where it belongs; this is one of those A-A-B-A melodies.

Another problem was excessive whitespace in the generated PNG image. My older post must have used lilypond-book in its original incarnation, but that was back when I wrote raw icky HTML.

There must be some lilypond option to automatically crop the output, but I found manual labyrinthine. So instead, to produce the above image I ran something like:

$ lilypond --png
$ convert -trim -border 8x8 -bordercolor white foo.png foo.png

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