Sunday, August 5, 2012

Keeping up with yesterday

My to-do list has grown frightening large. Perhaps I'll be more motivated to tackle it by publicly announcing a few of its entries.

  • Apologies to those who sent me patches to my Git tutorial, or are awaiting email responses about the PBC library. I'll try to get around to them soon. And perhaps I'll even get back to working on the second edition of the printed version, which I originally planned to release 2 years ago!
  • I took notes on return-oriented programming on 64-bit Linux that I want to put up on my site somewhere. They've been almost ready for months.
  • Months ago, I also coded a logic puzzle solver that takes its input in a concise format. It's about ready for release.
  • In general, I want to rant and rave more over petty technical issues.

I'd better stop here, otherwise this list may also become too scary for me look at.


Norman Ramsey said...

Please rant and rave.

Ben Lynn said...

I have been! Very slowly, but surely.

A while back I publicly complained about some article titled "Is Algebra Necessary?". And just now, I finally posted my notes on return-oriented programming. It's fairly boring, but it contains a couple of bonus rants!