Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Automating Automounting

Newer, friendlier Linux distributions such as Ubuntu must surely make it easy to use CDs, CompactFlash and SD card readers, USB drives, external hard disks and so on. But I'm old-fashioned, and like to do things the hard way, that is, edit /etc/fstab and run mount and umount manually so various devices end up at places I like in my directory.

The problem is hot-pluggable devices get assigned different names in the /dev directory all the time. So I followed the first part of this guide that assigns the same name (that you choose) to the same device every time. Once this is done, you can modify /etc/fstab in the usual way.

While there, you might want to use the "noatime" mount option, or at least "relatime". See this Slashdot article.

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