Friday, September 7, 2007

Git Magic

As I promised in a previous post, I'd write more on tricks one can perform with Git. I had so much to say that I made a site out of it: Git Magic.

It was also a great opportunity to practice my salesmanship, as can be seen from some of section titles: Ultimate Backups, Light-Speed Multitasking, Guerrilla Version Control, Uninterrupted Workflow. It was a probably a lot more fun to write than it is to read.

I'm hoping it will be useful to those new to version control, not just those new to Git. I took pains to explain the effects of Git branching. I had trouble understanding this from the official Git documentation, though it's probably better by now.


Rick said...

Since the tree, and, in fact, your entire user account at Stanford, has now vanished, would you mind letting us know where Git Magic might be found, now? If nothing else, readers of Linux Weekly News, which recently mentioned your tutorial favourably, would appreciate being able to find it, I'm sure.

Ben Lynn said...

It's back up now. I think from time to time, the Stanford CS department takes down their servers for maintenance.

gr8fanboy said...

Thanks for your lucid Git guide. Nice work.